Garden plots (one per individual or family) are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Preference will be given to residents of the Town of Barnstable and to repeat participants. However, non -residents are encouraged to apply in case plots remain available at the beginning of the growing season.

  • Garden plots must be cultivated by June 30 and may not remain fallow for the growing season.
  • Gardeners may amend soil with a variety of organic materials. Only organic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are permitted.
  • Participants are responsible for monitoring the health of their plants.
  • Keep gardens neat and attractive and maintain clear pathways. Weeds along the perimeter of each garden plot must be kept trimmed by the gardener.
  • The pathways and lanes are mowed periodically by volunteers. Please keep them free of rocks, plant debris, and hoses. Structures to hang up your hoses are permitted.
  • Only temporary and removable fencing or structures are permitted.
  • Locate vertical garden structures with attention to shade created for adjacent gardens.
  • Include some plants that encourage bees and butterflies.
  • Respect the space, materials and plants of other gardeners.
  • Participants are required to bring their own hoses and turn off the water at the spigot after use. Water if possible in morning or late afternoon. If timers are used for watering, please monitor them regularly.
  • Mulch gardens to limit water needs and water deeply rather than frequently. The MHF water supply comes from a well, not town water. If it runs out we are all affected.
  • Please indicate if you have excess produce for picking that can be sold at the MHF Farm Stand or be donated to an appropriate organization. If you are going to be away while your crops are ripening, please designate someone from Meetinghouse Farm or a friend to pick the produce so it does not go to waste.
  • Park only in designated parking areas.
  • All supplies, hoses, and accessories must be removed by November 1 for Fall cleanup.
  • Gardeners are encouraged to support the operation of the Farm by volunteering as possible.

Disputes should be directed in writing to the MHF Board of Directors
MHF PO Box 330 W. Barnstable, MA 02668

For additional information: