The Community Floral Quilt

The floral quilt includes eight 15’ by 15’ floral squares maintained by teams of volunteer gardeners.

Squares are designed as bicolor gardens to showcase plant material and enhance the aesthetics of the floral quilt.

The floral quilt’s location was selected for visibility from Meetinghouse Way.

This garden’s proximity to the Farm Stand allows for easy cutting of fresh flowers for sale.

The Farm encourages donations of plants from the gardens of deceased community gardeners as a tribute to the gardens they tended.

“Garden as though you will live forever”

 -  William Kent


The Bird and Butterfly Garden

The Bird and Butterfly Garden was the first demonstration garden installed at Meetinghouse Farm. The shrubs and flowers in this circular garden were selected specifically to attract birds and butterflies. Visit in midsummer, for an array of color, darting hummingbirds and graceful butterflies.


The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden was installed in the summer of 2009 by students from Providence Day School in Charleston, North Carolina.

As part of a senior class trip to Cape Cod, the school’s principal introduced a day of community service to the trip agenda. In collaboration with AmeriCorps Cape Cod, seventy students completed projects for the Farm during a day of service.

For the Herb Garden project, students removed sod; then raked, screened and amended the soil. Working from a graphed garden design, they placed, planted, mulched and watered herb plants donated by a local nursery.

The herb garden has matured and thrived in its sunny location in front of the Farm’s greenhouse. New herb varieties are added each year.

The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden faces Meetinghouse Way and contains some of the largest rocks found on the Meetinghouse Farm site. Plants for this garden are selected for growing habits that tolerate limited space and shallow soil. Designed to be eye-catching spring, summer and fall, the garden features a pleasing combination of flowers and shrubs.