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Meetinghouse Farm has completed the installation of a community labyrinth on the West Barnstable Farm property.
This spring landscaping surrounding the labyrinth will begin.

What's a labyrinth, you might ask?
Ellen Labyrinth Table 800It is a design of concentric circles dating back thousands of years and found in many cultures, and styles. The labyrinth is spiritual in nature, providing a setting for individuals and groups to walk for meditation and self-reflection. The design mimics patterns found in nature, and embraces the walker with a sense of harmony and balance.  Our labyrinth, like others, will be used as a vehicle for personal inward journeys.

There is no right way to walk a labyrinth other than to follow the circuit! Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is unicursal in form, leading one naturally around the circuits; with no puzzle to be solved. This allows the walker to free the mind, experience the moment and stay open to wisdom. Can you imagine yourself, friends and family using such a resource? If so, we need your help to make it a reality.

Why now?

While the installation of the labyrinth has been a long-term goal of the Farm to share with the community, the epic pandemic reinforced our commitment to the project. The value of the Farm as a beautiful respite from daily stresses has been articulated by Farm gardeners and visitors. We are certain that the creation of a Woodland Labyrinth will strengthen the Farm's purpose and provide a welcome spiritual destination for Cape Codders and visitors alike.

Where we are today:

Our thanks to the many individuals and groups who contributed funds to support the design and installation of the woodland labyrinth.
We invite you to visit in the coming months to enjoy its beauty and solitude.
Watch for announcements about planned programs for the area and future fundraising events to support ongoing landscaping and site maintenance. 
Donations continue to be appreciated.  Send contributions to Labyrinth, MHFarm, Box 330, West Barnstable, MA 02668